The Family of

John and Catherine Creegan

John Creegan (1830-1896)



Photo Album, Pictures from Ireland


NEW!  Evidence for Our McCanns Originating From Mullaghbawn, Forkhill Parish, Armagh




A summary of what we know, think we know and wish we knew. And of what we feel in our hearts for the difficult beginnings of the new life John and Catherine gave our family in America.


On this site, photos, history and one-of-a-kind mementos of the early Creegan years are made available for your review and enjoyment. Where possible, digitized images of source documents are provided. If anyone has suggestions or comments on the content please feel free to use the link below to email me. You can check the updates page to find out if new material has been added since your last visit.


Thanks, to all of those, past and present, who have taken the time to gather information on Our Family. It is, on occasion, a daunting and time consuming task but one with satisfying and lasting rewards.


If you would like to contribute information that pertains to the early history of John and Catherine please get in touch with me. Copies of early pictures, letters, transactions, genealogical history, rumors, facts, and fantasies would be welcome.